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Occupied Housing Units, as Share of Total

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What does this measure?

The percentage of residential housing units that are occupied or not vacant.

Why is this important?

A change in the number of occupied housing units can be an indicator of a population change and economic growth in a region.

How does our county compare?

Lancaster County has remained unchanged in the rate of occupied housing since 2000, increasing by 1 percentage point from 2012-2016 to a 96% occupancy rate. The City of Lancaster increased from 92% occupancy to 95% over this same period. These rates are similar to the occupancy rates in surrounding counties, which range from a low of 92% in Dauphin to a high of 96% in Chester.

At over 207,000 recorded housing units, Lancaster County has the largest stock of occupied housing of any surrounding county; only Chester is close with about 198,000 occupied housing units.

Notes about the data

The multi-year figures are from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey. The bureau combined five years of responses to the survey to provide estimates for smaller geographic areas and increase the precision of its estimates. However, because the information came from a survey, the samples responding to the survey were not always large enough to produce reliable results, especially in small geographic areas. CGR has noted on data tables the estimates with relatively large margins of error. Estimates with three asterisks have the largest margins, plus or minus 50% or more of the estimate. Two asterisks mean plus or minus 35%-50%, and one asterisk means plus or minus 20%-35%. For all estimates, the confidence level is 90%, meaning there is 90% probability the true value (if the whole population were surveyed) would be within the margin of error (or confidence interval). The survey provides data on characteristics of the population that used to be collected only during the decennial census. Data for this indicator are expected to be released in the fourth quarter.

Occupied Housing Units, as Share of Total
Lancaster County96%96%95%96%
Lancaster City91%92%92%95%
Lancaster County Boroughs
Adamstown borough94%95%94%94%
Akron borough96%95%98%94%
Christiana borough98%92%89%93%
Columbia borough93%93%92%92%
Denver township98%98%99%95%
East Petersburg borough96%92%96%100%
Elizabethtown borough95%96%89%97%
Ephrata borough96%96%98%97%
Lititz borough98%96%97%97%
Manheim borough96%100%98%96%
Marietta borough93%92%92%97%
Millersville borough94%95%95%99%
Mount Joy borough96%97%93%97%
Mountville borough98%99%100%97%
New Holland borough97%100%96%98%
Quarryville borough97%98%96%96%
Strasburg borough96%96%96%100%
Terre Hill borough97%95%93%93%*
Lancaster County Townships
Bart township99%100%96%99%
Brecknock township98%94%98%98%
Caernarvon township97%99%95%99%
Clay township98%98%98%99%
Colerain township97%98%93%95%
Conestoga township98%97%97%96%
Conoy township98%100%100%94%
Drumore township90%90%98%95%
Earl township95%96%94%96%
East Cocalico township97%95%96%93%
East Donegal township97%94%94%97%
East Drumore township98%93%93%97%
East Earl township97%94%98%95%
East Hempfield township98%97%94%96%
East Lampeter township95%98%95%95%
Eden township95%95%94%99%
Elizabeth township98%97%96%99%
Ephrata township98%95%97%96%
Fulton township89%96%92%93%
Lancaster township97%95%95%95%
Leacock township97%95%98%90%
Little Britain township96%92%93%93%
Manheim township96%97%96%98%
Manor township96%96%95%96%
Martic township96%95%97%94%
Mount Joy township98%96%96%100%
Paradise township97%91%99%96%
Penn township98%100%97%100%
Pequea township97%95%97%97%
Providence township96%97%97%100%
Rapho township97%95%96%99%
Sadsbury township97%94%95%96%
Salisbury township97%97%98%98%
Strasburg township100%96%96%97%
Upper Leacock township97%96%97%96%
Warwick township98%95%94%95%
West Cocalico township96%96%93%98%
West Donegal township97%96%97%100%
West Earl township96%97%98%99%
West Hempfield township98%96%96%96%
West Lampeter township97%96%93%93%
Berks County94%94%92%94%
Chester County96%96%95%96%
Cumberland County95%95%94%95%
Dauphin County92%90%90%92%
Lebanon County94%94%93%93%
York County95%94%93%95%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Multiyear results are from rolling American Community Survey. * Margin of error between 20% & 35% of estimate; ** margin of error between 35% & 50%; *** margin of error greater than 50%.

Number of Homeowners
Lancaster County172,560192,681196,171207,291
Lancaster City20,94022,17321,27521,266
Lancaster County Boroughs
Adamstown borough501653762777
Akron borough1,6221,6101,6211,685
Christiana borough383384306330
Columbia borough4,2854,4334,1544,557
Denver township1,2661,4591,5281,470
East Petersburg borough1,7121,6931,7921,907
Elizabethtown borough4,2663,9604,0454,615
Ephrata borough5,4695,6805,6665,864
Lititz borough3,7323,8893,8593,728
Manheim borough1,9891,9591,9241,906
Marietta borough1,0921,1231,0991,183
Millersville borough2,3562,4452,6212,541
Mount Joy borough2,8393,0903,2963,536
Mountville borough1,0171,2621,2021,313
New Holland borough2,0842,2952,2032,232
Quarryville borough8381,0689691,029
Strasburg borough1,1111,0721,1321,167
Terre Hill borough442466512379*
Lancaster County Townships
Bart township831851895888
Brecknock township2,1152,3212,5632,553
Caernarvon township1,2691,5251,3721,351
Clay township1,7572,2342,3182,547
Colerain township9641,1761,0701,142
Conestoga township1,3741,3731,5141,580
Conoy township1,1051,3041,2721,337
Drumore township739733831822
Earl township2,0192,3912,3912,468
East Cocalico township3,4613,6803,8543,699
East Donegal township1,9412,7932,6993,207
East Drumore township1,0551,2201,2911,433
East Earl township1,7361,9431,9262,394
East Hempfield township8,5489,4229,68811,174
East Lampeter township5,3426,4116,2306,267
Eden township578720599652
Elizabeth township1,3051,4601,3621,473
Ephrata township2,6993,3703,6313,906
Fulton township9321,129948846
Lancaster township5,8676,7416,6617,617
Leacock township1,4261,4601,7211,552
Little Britain township1,1151,1581,3991,496
Manheim township12,96514,85315,54017,406
Manor township6,4547,8508,2208,814
Martic township1,7131,7881,9271,844
Mount Joy township2,9013,6983,9814,024
Paradise township1,5541,6331,6611,780
Penn township2,6063,2613,4294,151
Pequea township1,5811,7971,8132,107
Providence township2,3872,5772,9582,591
Rapho township3,0753,8644,4524,971
Sadsbury township8691,058898983
Salisbury township3,0273,1743,3223,245
Strasburg township1,2741,3051,2191,325
Upper Leacock township2,7772,8712,9432,952
Warwick township5,5686,4336,6987,381
West Cocalico township2,2982,4662,4192,511
West Donegal township2,4743,1723,1983,491
West Earl township2,2012,7372,6262,787
West Hempfield township5,4275,9886,3246,258
West Lampeter township5,2886,0276,3466,807
Berks County141,570153,780152,451160,065
Chester County157,905182,732186,721198,159
Cumberland County83,01594,41296,501102,532
Dauphin County102,670108,047110,211115,703
Lebanon County46,55151,89952,24754,758
York County148,219167,568168,008176,428

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Multiyear results are from rolling American Community Survey. * Margin of error between 20% & 35% of estimate; ** margin of error between 35% & 50%; *** margin of error greater than 50%.