People Entering/Leaving Area for Work, 2019

What does this measure?

The proportion of workers who came into or left a region for work during the year.

Why is this important?

The flow of commuters into and out of a region is an indicator of its economic vitality and ability to draw in employers and employees from surrounding areas. It also may reflect transportation options available to workers in a county and the match between the skills of the residents and the local jobs available.

How does our county compare?

In 2019, 34% of Lancaster County residents commuted outside the county for work, up 11 percentage points since 2002. This was a smaller proportion of residents than in neighboring counties. In 2019, 32% of people who worked in Lancaster County had traveled there from another county, an increase of 8 percentage points since 2002. This was a smaller percentage than every neighboring county.

In the City of Lancaster, 79% of residents commuted outside the city for work in 2019, a rise of 5 percentage points since 2002. Also in 2019, 84% of workers in the city had traveled there from elsewhere, rise of one point from 2002.

Notes about the data

This analysis is conducted for workers' primary jobs. Out-of-state residents are included. The percentage of workers leaving the county is calculated out of all residents who work. The percentage of workers entering the county is calculated out of all workers employed within the county. Data for this indicator are released annually in the third quarter.

People Entering/Leaving Area for Work, 2019
Lancaster County32%34%
Lancaster City84%79%
Lancaster County Boroughs
Adamstown borough97%98%
Akron borough92%98%
Christiana borough97%98%
Columbia borough81%92%
Denver township91%95%
East Petersburg borough98%98%
Elizabethtown borough86%93%
Ephrata borough90%92%
Lititz borough87%90%
Manheim borough90%93%
Marietta borough89%96%
Millersville borough91%97%
Mount Joy borough91%93%
Mountville borough99%100%
New Holland borough93%88%
Quarryville borough93%95%
Strasburg borough93%97%
Terre Hill borough98%99%
Lancaster County Townships
Bart township89%94%
Brecknock township81%90%
Caernarvon township81%91%
Clay township88%93%
Colerain township84%94%
Conestoga township75%96%
Conoy township81%95%
Drumore township87%95%
Earl township91%83%
East Cocalico township91%88%
East Donegal township91%95%
East Drumore township88%89%
East Earl township90%85%
East Hempfield township93%86%
East Lampeter township93%86%
Eden township91%97%
Elizabeth township84%94%
Ephrata township93%93%
Fulton township84%96%
Lancaster township93%97%
Leacock township82%70%
Little Britain township78%95%
Manheim township90%84%
Manor township88%94%
Martic township78%95%
Mount Joy township90%93%
Paradise township87%90%
Penn township90%90%
Pequea township88%94%
Providence township86%94%
Rapho township87%92%
Sadsbury township91%92%
Salisbury township82%86%
Strasburg township90%92%
Upper Leacock township94%86%
Warwick township88%91%
West Cocalico township83%93%
West Donegal township92%86%
West Earl township92%93%
West Hempfield township91%93%
West Lampeter township88%92%
Berks County39%45%
Chester County57%57%
Cumberland County62%53%
Dauphin County63%50%
Lebanon County50%63%
York County39%48%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Number of People Entering/Leaving Area for Work, 2019
Lancaster County69,24874,266
Lancaster City27,11319,334
Lancaster County Boroughs
Adamstown borough446747
Akron borough5171,973
Christiana borough263413
Columbia borough1,6394,277
Denver township8391,725
East Petersburg borough1,5801,902
Elizabethtown borough2,1474,330
Ephrata borough4,2316,006
Lititz borough2,7813,529
Manheim borough1,3722,000
Marietta borough4341,267
Millersville borough7262,789
Mount Joy borough2,5253,364
Mountville borough4141,251
New Holland borough4,0442,354
Quarryville borough646953
Strasburg borough4761,069
Terre Hill borough359498
Lancaster County Townships
Bart township468951
Brecknock township1,2422,688
Caernarvon township6341,464
Clay township1,4222,566
Colerain township3351,052
Conestoga township2051,615
Conoy township3481,493
Drumore township308833
Earl township4,2611,995
East Cocalico township5,5493,897
East Donegal township1,7343,513
East Drumore township1,2451,264
East Earl township3,1952,051
East Hempfield township18,8798,275
East Lampeter township13,8706,322
Eden township218786
Elizabeth township5551,707
Ephrata township3,7103,984
Fulton township2371,034
Lancaster township2,9727,132
Leacock township2,3211,228
Little Britain township2211,162
Manheim township23,27913,503
Manor township3,9298,282
Martic township3652,055
Mount Joy township3,0194,316
Paradise township1,3051,821
Penn township3,7283,566
Pequea township8341,990
Providence township1,0932,668
Rapho township2,7124,743
Sadsbury township8081,011
Salisbury township2,5693,577
Strasburg township1,0881,433
Upper Leacock township7,8343,248
Warwick township5,6537,359
West Cocalico township1,0172,910
West Donegal township5,1802,776
West Earl township2,6222,815
West Hempfield township5,2716,973
West Lampeter township3,6095,586
Berks County59,49076,109
Chester County126,615125,000
Cumberland County72,06748,768
Dauphin County88,50751,884
Lebanon County20,06034,614
York County60,41588,460

Source: U.S. Census Bureau