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Median Rent

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What does this measure?

The most recent monthly rent plus the average monthly payments for utilities and fuel, as reported to the Census Bureau, adjusted for inflation. The median represents the mid-point of monthly rents (half the values are above the median and half below).

Why is this important?

For those who do not own a home, rent is a necessary expense. The higher a family's rental expenses, the less they have to spend on their other needs. However, higher median rental values can also be indicative of a better home and community.

How does our county compare?

In 2017-21, the median monthly rent in Lancaster County was $1,114, higher than the $1,013 statewide median and below the $1,163 national median. Median monthly rent in Lancaster County increased by 20% since 2000, in line with state and national increases of 17% and 19%, respectively. The City of Lancaster, with a median monthly rent of $995, has also increased 25% since 2000.

Most surrounding counties increased by similar amounts over this period: Chester by 18%, Lebanon by 21% and York by 19%. Berks, Cumberland and Dauphin were the exceptions, increasing by only 11%. 13% and 12%, respectively. All but one surrounding county have median rents in the $900-$1,200 range: Chester County is the outlier, with a median rent of $1,445.

Notes about the data

Data are presented in 2021 dollars. Multi-year figures are from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey. The bureau combined five years of responses to the survey to provide estimates for smaller geographic areas and increase the precision of its estimates. The survey provides data on characteristics of the population that used to be collected only during the decennial census. Figures for the region and surrounding counties were calculated by aggregating county medians based on each county's share of the region's population. Data for this indicator are expected to be released in the fourth quarter.

Median Rent
Lancaster County$930$997$1,052$1,114
Lancaster City$794$838$910$995
Lancaster County Boroughs
Adamstown borough$843$887*$940$975
Akron borough$982$889$966$1,061
Christiana borough$890$990$1,003$1,106
Columbia borough$769$793$824$929
Denver township$854$958$1,035$926
East Petersburg borough$1,119$1,050$1,150*$1,184*
Elizabethtown borough$912$831$960$1,011
Ephrata borough$854$876$930$920
Lititz borough$921$1,058$997$1,107
Manheim borough$911$902*$964$877
Marietta borough$851$832$864$835
Millersville borough$1,077$1,043$1,207$1,412
Mount Joy borough$862$925$1,005$1,036
Mountville borough$867$864$983$954
New Holland borough$992$893$970$1,031
Quarryville borough$831$863$1,033$960
Strasburg borough$839$955*$1,014$1,023
Terre Hill borough$969$832*$854$996*
Lancaster County Townships
Bart township$797$1,119**$922*$939*
Brecknock township$916$990**$851$1,168**
Caernarvon township$979$1,084*$1,091$942
Clay township$815$1,112**$1,202$1,144*
Colerain township$864$882***$842$767**
Conestoga township$867$878$920$1,228*
Conoy township$862$905**$1,067$918***
Drumore township$878$1,066*$1,276$1,021*
Earl township$937$1,300$1,154$1,219
East Cocalico township$903$926$1,054$1,044
East Donegal township$1,129$1,128$1,224$1,176
East Drumore township$938$1,244$1,354$1,556
East Earl township$994$946*$1,001$948
East Hempfield township$1,026$1,108$1,103$1,200
East Lampeter township$1,099$1,140$1,197$1,329
Eden township$901$937$1,129*$1,042*
Elizabeth township$865$902$944$897*
Ephrata township$973$1,136$1,103$1,187
Fulton township$807$860$1,170$1,119
Lancaster township$1,083$1,083$1,172$1,276
Leacock township$753$970$920$1,057*
Little Britain township$1,095$955***$961$596***
Manheim township$1,114$1,161$1,254$1,313
Manor township$929$1,018$1,214$1,126
Martic township$912$699***$1,172$948
Mount Joy township$927$1,248$1,140$1,299
Paradise township$857$925$1,149$964*
Penn township$864$1,184$1,169$1,121
Pequea township$922$785$863*$1,553
Providence township$1,056$1,100*$1,155$938
Rapho township$849$1,343$1,250$1,239
Sadsbury township$799$952*$1,246***$739**
Salisbury township$940$893$1,057$1,000*
Strasburg township$1,046$1,193$1,231$1,390
Upper Leacock township$948$1,089$1,083$1,157
Warwick township$1,069$1,323$1,266$1,207
West Cocalico township$953$885*$956$785*
West Donegal township$2,170$2,073$1,966*$2,255
West Earl township$784$1,075*$744**$1,155
West Hempfield township$903$870$971$983
West Lampeter township$1,820$1,937$1,961*$1,847*
Berks County$886$942$982$985
Chester County$1,226$1,352$1,380$1,445
Cumberland County$937$969$1,029$1,060
Dauphin County$906$965$974$1,014
Lebanon County$764$810$886$925
York County$864$942$983$1,025

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Figures in 2021 dollars. Multiyear results are from rolling American Community Survey. * Margin of error between 20% & 35% of estimate; ** margin of error between 35% & 50%; *** margin of error greater than 50%.