Change in Population by Age and Gender, 2017-21

What does this measure?

The growth or decline in the number of residents of a geographic area, broken down by gender and age.

Why is this important?

Population measures provide insight on how communities are changing in size and composition. The age distribution of a population affects a community's character and the services that it requires. For example, an area with a large concentration of youth will have different service needs now and, in the future, than an area with a large elderly population.

How does our county compare?

From 2000 to 2017-21 in Lancaster County, there was more growth in older age brackets among both males and females. Among females, there was a 49% increase in the population aged 85 and older and a 51% increase in the population ages 60 to 84. Among males, the greatest increases were in the age brackets of 85 or older (85%) and 60 to 84 (70%). While the population 85 and older increased more significantly among males than females, there were more 85 and older women than men (9,300 and 5,100 respectively). Both genders had much smaller increases in the age brackets of 20-39 (10% for females, 11% for males).

The age brackets of 40-59 and 60-84 increased for both males and females in Lancaster County and neighboring counties. Pennsylvania and the U.S. were generally similar to Lancaster County, with some exceptions. For example, the population of females aged 60-84 increased 26% statewide, compared to 51% at the county level, which is closer to the nation's 54% increase over the same time period.

Notes about the data

Individuals age into and out of these groups, and this indicator should not be interpreted as a measure of groups moving to or away from the region. The multiyear figures are from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey. The bureau combined 5 years of responses to the survey to provide estimates for smaller geographic areas and increase the precision of its estimates. However, because the information came from a survey, the samples responding to the survey were not always large enough to produce reliable results, especially in small geographic areas. CGR has noted on data tables the estimates with relatively large margins of error. Estimates with three asterisks have the largest margins, plus or minus 50% or more of the estimate. Two asterisks mean plus or minus 35%-50%, and one asterisk means plus or minus 20%-35%. For all estimates, the confidence level is 90%, meaning there is 90% probability the true value (if the whole population were surveyed) would be within the margin of error (or confidence interval). The survey provides data on characteristics of the population that used to be collected only during the decennial census. Data for this indicator are released annually in December.

Change in Population by Age and Gender, 2017-21
Lancaster County4%4%
Lancaster City-5%-17%
Lancaster County Boroughs
Adamstown borough213%*153%*
Akron borough13%*11%*
Christiana borough-16%**-34%*
Columbia borough-26%*-14%*
Denver township-6%*20%*
East Petersburg borough2%**-29%**
Elizabethtown borough-4%-10%
Ephrata borough3%*9%
Lititz borough-12%*19%*
Manheim borough5%*16%*
Marietta borough-36%**-20%*
Millersville borough-12%*-34%*
Mount Joy borough-8%*33%*
Mountville borough-10%**31%**
New Holland borough2%**-3%**
Quarryville borough38%*82%*
Strasburg borough14%**-7%*
Terre Hill borough-35%**-7%**
Lancaster County Townships
Bart township27%*-13%
Brecknock township-5%*-17%*
Caernarvon township-2%*2%
Clay township-8%*23%*
Colerain township19%8%
Conestoga township-11%*-31%**
Conoy township-14%*-23%**
Drumore township-5%*29%*
Earl township-9%*23%
East Cocalico township-11%*-12%*
East Donegal township77%*-11%*
East Drumore township17%*-16%*
East Earl township-15%*-30%*
East Hempfield township-1%-18%
East Lampeter township51%35%
Eden township13%*41%*
Elizabeth township-9%*-15%*
Ephrata township9%*-9%*
Fulton township40%*8%*
Lancaster township41%*46%*
Leacock township-6%*25%
Little Britain township-27%*-1%*
Manheim township14%23%
Manor township38%*20%*
Martic township-7%*11%*
Mount Joy township-9%*41%*
Paradise township7%*38%*
Penn township-12%*38%*
Pequea township-4%*20%*
Providence township-23%*-11%*
Rapho township-15%-2%
Sadsbury township15%*21%
Salisbury township-4%22%
Strasburg township14%*17%*
Upper Leacock township-2%*2%
Warwick township3%3%
West Cocalico township6%*7%
West Donegal township-15%*2%*
West Earl township29%*16%
West Hempfield township0%-12%
West Lampeter township33%5%
Berks County6%5%
Chester County10%8%
Cumberland County10%12%
Dauphin County5%7%
Lebanon County15%14%
York County8%8%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Multiyear results are from rolling American Community Survey. * Margin of error between 20% & 35% of estimate; ** margin of error between 35% & 50%; *** margin of error greater than 50%.

Population by Age and Gender, 2017-21
Lancaster County70,60174,279
Lancaster City8,3017,528
Lancaster County Boroughs
Adamstown borough451*384*
Akron borough548*499*
Christiana borough112**99*
Columbia borough1,010*1,186*
Denver township474*577*
East Petersburg borough562**472**
Elizabethtown borough1,5901,312
Ephrata borough1,715*1,954
Lititz borough974*1,368*
Manheim borough644*775*
Marietta borough223**310*
Millersville borough1,156*658*
Mount Joy borough782*1,181*
Mountville borough241**380**
New Holland borough642**605**
Quarryville borough371*584*
Strasburg borough449**371*
Terre Hill borough117**192**
Lancaster County Townships
Bart township776*545
Brecknock township1,092*1,050*
Caernarvon township725*783
Clay township749*1,070*
Colerain township718740
Conestoga township485*396**
Conoy township389*378**
Drumore township367*517*
Earl township986*1,305
East Cocalico township1,296*1,379*
East Donegal township1,392*752*
East Drumore township599*465*
East Earl township871*744*
East Hempfield township2,6492,306
East Lampeter township2,6802,626
Eden township381*511*
Elizabeth township506*568*
Ephrata township1,428*1,267*
Fulton township708*553*
Lancaster township2,218*2,277*
Leacock township870*1,278
Little Britain township458*641*
Manheim township4,7215,348
Manor township2,844*2,774*
Martic township712*967*
Mount Joy township1,035*1,687*
Paradise township791*1,144*
Penn township911*1,486*
Pequea township596*766*
Providence township774*931*
Rapho township1,0041,326
Sadsbury township677*696
Salisbury township1,7282,405
Strasburg township769*900*
Upper Leacock township1,347*1,474
Warwick township2,2902,504
West Cocalico township1,244*1,271
West Donegal township750*940*
West Earl township1,335*1,294
West Hempfield township2,2842,087
West Lampeter township2,1191,693
Berks County53,19155,565
Chester County67,00169,197
Cumberland County29,86331,026
Dauphin County34,37636,169
Lebanon County17,69818,560
York County54,25657,589

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Multiyear results are from rolling American Community Survey. * Margin of error between 20% & 35% of estimate; ** margin of error between 35% & 50%; *** margin of error greater than 50%.