People with Disabilities

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What does this measure?

The percentage of the people living with a disability, out of all people not living in institutions.

Why is this important?

The proportion of people living with a disability is an indicator of how many may need assistance from social networks or the government to live independently or maintain economic stability. It also indicates challenges a community may face to improve access to buildings, education, and employment opportunities for the disabled population.

How does our county compare?

In 2017-21, Lancaster County's population of people with disabilities was 11%, relatively unchanged from 2012-16 when it was 12%. This is slightly lower than national, state, and neighboring counties, with the exception of Chester County which had a slightly smaller percentage of people with disabilities at 9%. The City of Lancaster had the highest percentage of people with disabilities at 16%.

Notes about the data

The multiyear figures are from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey. The bureau combined 5 years of responses to the survey to provide estimates for smaller geographic areas and increase the precision of its estimates. However, because the information came from a survey, the samples responding to the survey were not always large enough to produce reliable results, especially in small geographic areas. CGR has noted on data tables the estimates with relatively large margins of error. Estimates with three asterisks have the largest margins, plus or minus 50% or more of the estimate. Two asterisks mean plus or minus 35%-50%, and one asterisk means plus or minus 20%-35%. For all estimates, the confidence level is 90%, meaning there is 90% probability the true value (if the whole population were surveyed) would be within the margin of error (or confidence interval). The survey provides data on characteristics of the population that used to be collected only during the decennial census. Data for this indicator are released annually in December.

People with Disabilities
Lancaster County12%11%
Lancaster City17%16%
Lancaster County Boroughs
Adamstown borough8%**4%***
Akron borough12%*11%*
Christiana borough10%**18%*
Columbia borough15%19%
Denver township11%*8%*
East Petersburg borough13%*13%*
Elizabethtown borough14%12%*
Ephrata borough13%16%
Lititz borough16%10%*
Manheim borough15%*11%*
Marietta borough14%*15%**
Millersville borough10%*11%*
Mount Joy borough11%*14%*
Mountville borough14%**10%**
New Holland borough15%*15%*
Quarryville borough12%*13%*
Strasburg borough9%*8%**
Terre Hill borough11%**14%***
Lancaster County Townships
Bart township5%**11%*
Brecknock township7%*7%*
Caernarvon township9%*10%*
Clay township9%*10%*
Colerain township7%*8%*
Conestoga township10%*13%*
Conoy township10%*12%**
Drumore township11%*11%*
Earl township12%*11%*
East Cocalico township10%9%*
East Donegal township10%*10%*
East Drumore township9%*15%**
East Earl township7%*9%***
East Hempfield township11%12%
East Lampeter township9%11%
Eden township8%*6%*
Elizabeth township5%**6%***
Ephrata township11%11%*
Fulton township11%*9%*
Lancaster township15%11%
Leacock township7%*6%**
Little Britain township11%**12%*
Manheim township11%10%
Manor township11%10%
Martic township11%*11%*
Mount Joy township7%*7%**
Paradise township9%*11%*
Penn township10%*7%*
Pequea township10%*10%**
Providence township15%*13%*
Rapho township11%10%*
Sadsbury township7%*9%*
Salisbury township8%8%*
Strasburg township6%**7%**
Upper Leacock township10%9%*
Warwick township10%9%
West Cocalico township9%*7%*
West Donegal township16%16%*
West Earl township10%*7%*
West Hempfield township11%13%*
West Lampeter township14%12%
Berks County13%14%
Chester County8%9%
Cumberland County11%12%
Dauphin County13%13%
Lebanon County13%13%
York County13%13%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Multiyear results are from rolling American Community Survey. * Margin of error between 20% & 35% of estimate; ** margin of error between 35% & 50%; *** margin of error greater than 50%.

Number of People with Disabilities
Lancaster County61,22160,788
Lancaster City9,9788,928
Lancaster County Boroughs
Adamstown borough174**100***
Akron borough460*459*
Christiana borough81**147*
Columbia borough1,4981,926
Denver township402*312*
East Petersburg borough577*602*
Elizabethtown borough1,5621,364*
Ephrata borough1,8242,252
Lititz borough1,391935*
Manheim borough739*552*
Marietta borough376*400**
Millersville borough863*870*
Mount Joy borough858*1,129*
Mountville borough412**293**
New Holland borough820*847*
Quarryville borough324*378*
Strasburg borough256*251**
Terre Hill borough158**144***
Lancaster County Townships
Bart township161**348*
Brecknock township530*494*
Caernarvon township442*472*
Clay township617*710*
Colerain township275*292*
Conestoga township378*498*
Conoy township354*411**
Drumore township287*282*
Earl township847*761*
East Cocalico township1,000924*
East Donegal township780*863*
East Drumore township352*582**
East Earl township474*603***
East Hempfield township2,5783,047
East Lampeter township1,6021,878
Eden township165*138*
Elizabeth township210**228***
Ephrata township1,1231,078*
Fulton township355*297*
Lancaster township2,4591,881
Leacock township365*326**
Little Britain township452**508*
Manheim township4,1644,179
Manor township2,2002,251
Martic township568*585*
Mount Joy township718*712**
Paradise township473*630*
Penn township907*688*
Pequea township452*543**
Providence township1,028*929*
Rapho township1,2791,127*
Sadsbury township231*324*
Salisbury township944931*
Strasburg township266**296**
Upper Leacock township905820*
Warwick township1,8631,652
West Cocalico township641*530*
West Donegal township1,2781,291*
West Earl township817*602*
West Hempfield township1,8152,187*
West Lampeter township2,1132,001
Berks County54,58359,758
Chester County41,92847,624
Cumberland County26,64730,753
Dauphin County35,68135,682
Lebanon County17,59818,728
York County57,97659,889

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Multiyear results are from rolling American Community Survey. * Margin of error between 20% & 35% of estimate; ** margin of error between 35% & 50%; *** margin of error greater than 50%.