Change in Total Agricultural Sales

What does this measure?

The percent change in total agricultural sales from 2002 levels, after adjusting for inflation.

Why is this important?

The cash income the farm sector receives from commodity sales is the lifeblood of this sector.

How does our county compare?

LLancaster County agricultural sales have grown 39% from 2002 to 2017. This is slightly higher than Pennsylvania's overall growth rate for sales, but below U.S. average growth of 42% since 2002. Likewise, it is at the lower end for sales growth in comparison to neighboring counties.

However, this may be due to the fact that Lancaster already has a much larger agricultural presence than surrounding counties. With $1.57 billion in sales in 2017, it accounted for almost 20% of Pennsylvania's total agricultural sales, more than double the amount of the nearest neighboring county by volume (Chester, at $740 million).

Notes about the data

Data is from the Unites States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Census of Agriculture. This Census is administered every five years on years ending two and seven. Agricultural sales figures are in constant 2019 dollars.

Change in Total Agricultural Sales
Lancaster County0%17%45%39%
Chester County0%27%37%39%
York County0%25%24%30%
Cumberland County0%28%71%79%
Dauphin County0%55%107%47%
Lebanon County0%17%43%35%
Berks County0%11%44%42%

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture
Notes: Per Farm

Total Agricultural Sales
Lancaster County$1,134,534,426$1,321,984,490$1,642,387,496$1,571,997,471
Chester County$535,431,593$682,218,082$735,750,189$743,094,939
York County$209,796,483$262,182,146$260,634,424$272,143,497
Cumberland County$127,433,432$163,748,862$217,532,378$228,598,785
Dauphin County$66,062,963$102,201,396$136,505,031$97,074,982
Lebanon County$271,577,652$317,005,950$388,543,098$365,884,050
Berks County$407,826,206$453,554,373$588,729,096$578,499,058

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture
Notes: Figures in 2019 dollars.